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Engage your horses core

Author: jenadamson


Category: education


Date Published: 6th July 2020

I have some exciting news to share…!

I am in the process of developing an online course: Engage Your Horses Core!

I’m sooo exciting to be doing this, so that more of you can access what I do, and I can help you further with your horses! 

This will be the first in a series of courses, and you can PRE REGISTER for the course on the link below, to be the FIRST to be alerted when the course is ready to launch!

This course started life as…”how can I help my clients more, following on from treatment, and give them some work to be doing with their horses daily, to improve their spinal health, way of going, core engagement, ride-ability and symmetry”.…a fairly tall order yes, BUT I have now put together MY SIMPLE SYSTEM for Engaging Your Horses Core!

So just to talk a little bit about core engagement…it’s something that is crucial for ridden horses in particular, as a strong core is the key to getting your horse to work over his back. If he isn’t working over his back, and rides in a hollow outline, his back will become weak and sore, and this is a downhill spiral to kissing spine which is a (more common than we might think) painful spinal condition. 

I like to consider horses in this context, like a bike chain, so each little piece has to be working for the full ‘unit’ to work. So in the horse, if the back is weak, tight, sore, locking, inflexible, then it’s not working fully, so this causes a ‘block’ – this means the horse can’t work all the way through his body. 

What is the answer to this problem? Well the horses back doesn’t lift, it is pushed up from the abdominals. So the answer is CORE ENGAGEMENT! 

Strong core = happier horse = happier rider! 

Engaging your horses core is actually a pretty simple process, once we understand what’s happening and what we need to achieve. 

Riding a horse with a strong core is like sitting on a trampoline versus sitting on a board! A horse with a strong core lifts his core and back underneath the rider, and gives that lovely feeling of being in harmony with our horse – that’s what we are all aiming for, right?! 

And this is TOTALLY ACHIEVABLE by doing some specific but simple exercises on a daily basis. 

In the course I show you HOW to do the exercises, WHY we do them, and which ones are most effective! 


Pre register for my course by clicking the link below, you just need to enter your name and email address and you will be the first to be alerted when my course is ready for launch!