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Pro Core Trainer by Thermatex

Pro Core Trainer by Thermatex




🌟 The Pro-Core Trainer is a numnah based system of two elasticated bands which are secured around the abdomen and hindquarters. The bands stimulate receptors in the hair and skin to recruit the underlying musculature of the core stabilisers.

🌟 The Pro-core Trainer from Thermatex has been developed in conjunction with equine healthcare professionals and experienced horse trainers. The Pro-core trainer will encourage and improve:

🌟 Core strength
🌟 Equal stepping of the hind limbs
🌟 Engagement of the hind quarters
🌟 Improved posterior pelvic rotation
🌟 Overall performance and interaction between horse and rider

🌟 How is this achieved?
🌟 Core stability relates to the capacity of specific trunk muscles of the back and abdomen to assist in the maintenance of good posture and balance during stance and movement. Good core stability in the horse is of particular importance. Strong core muscles can reduce unnecessary loading on the spine and may assist the horse in coping with the weight of the tack and rider on their backs in varying challenging athletic equestrian disciplines, with the aim of reducing mechanical back pain.

🌟 The Pro-Core Trainer may be used on the lunge or under saddle. Always ensure your horse is compliant with the Pro-Core Trainer unridden before mounted exercise commences.

Size: One size only
Colour: Navy or black

🌟🌟🌟 Important information. Use with caution and as necessary under guidance of a equestrian healthcare professional. Do not use on horses with known lameness, neck/ back pathology or neurological disorder. If your horse reacts adversely to use of the Pro-Core Trainer discontinue use and seek advice from your veterinary professional. 🌟🌟🌟


🌟🌟🌟Product review by Jenny Adamson – Pro Core Trainer🌟🌟🌟

I use the core trainer on lots of the horses that I work with during rehabilitation and get really positive results with it!
I find that the horses accept it without any trouble, and it encourages them into a correct β€˜frame’ by encouraging core activation and hindlimb impulsion, and by default they stretch down in the neck without any force or shortening of the neck.
I don’t normally use anything on the front end of the horse as the core trainer puts the horse into a correct frame so they carry themselves – this is what we all want, right?!
I have ridden my own horse in the core trainer after using it on the lunge and long reins first, and find he is straighter immediately when ridden in it, and pushes from behind, lifting his core, all without me having to do much – which is a great feeling!
Horses recovering from kissing spine surgery respond well to the core trainer once the initial part of their rehabilitation is complete, as it helps to correct their posture and way of going, and separates the dorsal spinous processes by shortening the ventral line of the horse (abdominals), and lengthening their topline.


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