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Equiami Combi training system

Equiami Combi training system




The EquiAmi Combi includes both the Riding and Lungeing Aids in one complete package. The Combi comprises one webbing chest piece, the riding loop, the two colour coded sections of the lungeing loop in a storage bag, with printed instructions for fitting and use. Since most people would not need to use both the training aids at the same time, buying two identical chest pieces is an unnecessary expense.

The Combi offers great value for money and is a complete system for whatever horse arrives in your yard.

There are many horses who, not only need to work through their backs more effectively, but who also do not accept a contact with the bit. Ex-racehorses for example often work in a long flat outline and avoid contact, largely because this has never been asked for. The EquiAmi combi is ideal to use with this type of horse and amazing results can be achieved in a short space of time (2 – 6 weeks) by using the lungeing aid once a week and the riding aid once a week. Because the two training aids both give the horse the same feel of working in a soft consistent contact, the penny drops quite quickly as to what you want from him/her, and that it is more comfortable for them to work in this way as, when they do, the training aid becomes looser. This method of suggestion and reward will always give better results than any form of force or restriction as the horse is not tight or resisting.


Full size to fit from approx 13 hands to 16.2/17 hands depending on width and length of forehand.


🌟🌟🌟Product review by Jenny Adamson: I have used the Equiami training aid for years, and one of the main benefits from my point of view as a physiotherapist/ rehabilitation specialist, is that the system isn’t fixed like some.🌟🌟🌟

In rehabilitation I am normally looking to encourage horses to lengthen and ‘let go’ of their topline, by stretching down and out with their head and neck, and engage / strengthen their abdominals, especially with horses in rehabilitation for over-riding dorsal spinous processes (kissing spine). Also I’m generally looking for them to work in a looser way, as most have been in a holding pattern due to injury.

The Equiami helps me to achieve all of this, it’s not fixed, it encourages the horse to engage the abdominals, lengthen the topline, and engage the hindlimbs, and all in a loose way.

Easy to set up and use
Encourages horse into a correct working frame, training them to use their core properly
Helps to engage abdominals
Helps to teach horse to stretch down
Engagement of hindlimbs
Vets recommend this system for rehabilitation post kissing spine treatment/surgery to correct way of going


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