Rehab Yard

Rehabilitation yard: Great Eaves Farm, Eaves Lane, Bucknall, Stoke on Trent ST2 8LY. Facebook Page

Your horses can be referred directly to me for in-house specialist intensive treatment as required, on a short or more long term basis, depending on the injury and rehabilitation required and I can take horses immediately post surgery/treatment or further along in the rehabilitation process..

Injuries that require daily electrotherapy and specific mobilisations, with daily professional assessment by a qualified physiotherapist, post surgery cases, rehabilitation cases, box rest cases, can all be catered for.

I am a qualified Equine Vet Physiotherapist, and onsite daily, so your horses injury will be treated and monitored daily by a professional. I work closely with your vets throughout the process, and can provide a vet service onsite if required. Your own vets are of course also welcome to visit and monitor your horses progress as required.

I work closely with our farrier and saddle fitter and the appropriate points to ensure that your horse is professionally managed in all aspects throughout their time at yard.


Injuries I can rehabilitate

  • Tendon/ligament injuries
  • Muscle injuries (tears, pulls)
  • Fractures
  • Wounds - acute and chronic/non healing
  • Post surgery rehabilitation
  • Post kissing spine surgery rehabilitation
  • Post medication rehabilitation (sacroiliac/hocks)
  • Blemishes - capped hocks, splints, etc can all be improved
  • Injuries within the hoof capsule - treatment, farriery and rehabilitation of movement
  • Osteoarthritis - rehabilitation to improve joint health and strengthen horse
  • muscle damage from ill fitting saddles
  • PLUS
  • fitness work
  • strengthening work
  • postural correction work

Jenny Adamson - Physical Benefits


Yard facilities: :

  • Therapy Floor: controlled vibration AND electrotherapy plates
  • Individual turnout paddocks
  • 40x40 sand and fibre outdoor arena
  • indoor arena
  • trot up strip
  • assessment areas
  • Hand walking areas
  • Set of stocks
  • Heat lamps
  • Hot horse showers
  • professional riders
  • Farm ride
  • Horse walker

Jenny Adamson - Physical Benefits