I can help you with training for you and your horses ..:

– bespoke training for Vet Physiotherapy students

– residential stay for combined physio and intensive training 

– 3 week course: how to work your horse effectively, a 3 week course in stretches, groundwork and lunging 

– 2 hour bespoke training session with your horse, focussed around your goals and any difficulties 

– groundwork / in-hand training 

– handling 

– behavioural issues 

– corrective exercise 

– full assessment of your horse 

– training your horse to move correctly and engage his core 

– GET THE FUNDAMENTALS RIGHT and ridden work will be much easier for both you and your horse! 


Vet Physiotherapy practical training: if you are currently studying Vet Physio and struggling with specific practical skills, I can provide bespoke day training at my rehabilitation yard around:

– assessment

– palpation of the horse

– assessment of movement

– treatment techniques

– injuries

– rehabilitation

– handling of the horse

– stretches, lunging, groundwork

Contact me directly to discuss your specific requirements. 


How to work your horse effectively – 3 week course in stretches, groundwork, lunging

Location: Booth Hall Farm, Kingsley, Staffordshire

Facilitated by Jenny Adamson, Equine Vet Physiotherapist and Rehabilitation Specialist
– Bring your horse to our yard for informal but highly effective training sessions
– I can help to demystify groundwork and lunging for you and your horse! Making it simple to understand and implement.
– Most horses benefit from some non ridden exercise, to allow them to use their back without a rider on board, balance themselves without the rider, and improve their posture and core strength.
– As part of an ongoing long term rehabilitation plan, lameness prevention plan, fitness plan, posture and strengthening plan, post injury or surgery, or as part of cross training – groundwork is an important element of keeping your horse at his optimum.
– Let me help you by identifying what you and your horse struggle with, and giving you simple instruction on how to stretch your horse, formulate a simple groundwork session, and how to lunge.
– Bring your horse to me for these sessions and I will help you to learn these important skills!
– One-to-one sessions

– Please message me directly to discuss or to book in!