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Author: jenadamson




Date Published: 3rd December 2019

I am delighted to welcome you to my website and also tell you a bit more about my business.  I specialise in equine vet physiotherapy, spinal manipulation and rehabilitation therapy.

I have recently embarked on an exciting new chapter for my business with the opening of a residential rehabilitation yard set in the idyllic Staffordshire Moorlands.  I carefully selected this premises based on my knowledge of the needs of my clients and the benefits they would gain from their horses receiving full residential rehabilitation care and therapy, in a peaceful yet professional setting.

I’m not going to talk any more on this post about my range of services and facilities, but if you would like to take a look in more detail you can click here to find out more.

So why check in on my news page?

I will be updating you regularly covering everything from specific injury related therapy and treatment articles to news on our training programmes and client events.  I will also be sharing some of the many success stories that my clients have had.  ..And its not just about the “before” and “after” photos that we all like to see, but an account of the journey they’ve taken under my guidance, looking in particular at any challenges that we faced.

I will also be explaining the usage and benefits of some of the more innovative therapies and products that I work with and how they have made real improvements to either recovery or just general performance.

I hope you find my news feed useful and interesting, and if there is anything you’d like to see or read about please get in touch.  I am alway more than happy to share my knowledge, insight and findings and I’m hoping that this will be the perfect forum to do so.

So feel free to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

Jenny x